The World
The shadow of the slumbering bear God hangs heavy over the distant north, but the lure of mountains rich with veins of silver draw forth those brave or foolish enough to desire great reward.

This is the Kingdom of Icehearth, where the land itself seeks to snuff out the little life that can grab a foothold in the perpetual winter of the north. Yet cause has been found to settle here. The mountains are littered with vast stores of silver, and the lowlands are ripe with pine to be lumbered and sent south. Furs are plentiful in the many forests, should you fancy yourself a trapper. Summer is short, but opportunity abounds.

Orcs and worse dwell in the back country though, while cults to the Bear God and even older primordial forces thrive in the alleys of the few small cities. The goliath’s want to reclaim their sacred lands from the invading humans while opportunistic pirates brave the Stormy Sea to rob the very silver plundered from the mountains. Before the time of the Bear God, the land was warmer and an empire once flourished. Now that realm is buried deep below frozen lakes of ice, haunted by vile spirits bent on revenge for some past crime. At every turn there is chance for wealth, or chance for death.

It is a land for prospectors and adventurers alike, should you be willing to challenge the frosted wastes. A land clouded by memories of a different time, and hopes for a distant future. It is a land of ice and forest, mountains and tundra, long nights and hearty ale to warm cold souls.

It is a land for you.

Mission Statement
Icehearth is intended to be a high roleplaying, low magic, low plot game. Gear and gold wil not come in droves, though political contacts and henchmen (like aziz in Dark Sun) will fill the void. As DM, I do not intend to generate an overarching storylines, but rather plan to let story evolve organically from rumors, NPC and PC actions and choices.

Most story will come from PC’s themselves, through careful crafting of their characters at the inception stage, PC’s will have advanced backgrounds and goals that will lead the game to the action, as opposed to me leading the PC’s to the action.

The dense atmosphere and geopolitical nature of Icehearth will demand as much attention and command as much experience reward as straight combat, hopefully leading to a game that has a nice balance of character and battle.


Snow mountain