Auris is the Aurora Borealis. It is not a hero of ancient past made into a God, like Thurin and the Raven Queen, but rather an immortal energy that many believe to be the very stuff of creation. Animals, nature, plants and trees are all the work of Auris’ will.

Auris is more of a force than a sentient being. The name Auris was created by the shifter tribes of the Tundra to identify the avatars of this mighty power. These avatars usually manifest themselves during especially intense spiritual quests. The tundra shifters have perfected a number of substances which can induce a deep, religious trance in which the blessed will see the glowing forms of their God. The avatars of Auris can be either male or female, humanoid or animal… the one consistent attribute is its flowing multi colored body radiates warmth. security, and inspiration.

Followers pay homage to Auris through art, creating beauty in paint, song, and sculpture. Creative endeavor is the ultimate expression of Auris worship.

The favored of Auris are bards, shamans, and invokers. Invokers because, like Auris, their power is and always was innate, bards for their creativity, and shamans for their communication abilities and closeness with the spirits that comprise the Aurora Borealis.

Symbol of Auris


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