The Western seaboard

Basic history – Crown Keep was once the home of Thurin the warrior, before he became Thurin the god. For a long time, the western seaboard was avoided for fear of awakening Thurin and bringing his wrath down upon the southern empires once more. In the last 100 years though, the iron mountain dwarves extended an invitation to the south, encouraging settlement and trade. Crown Keep was reopened and development of the area began in earnest. More recently, a merchant lord by the name of Olrik Thorn has purchased his way to total control of Crown Keep and Snowport, and is moving towards forming a small kingdom for himself.

Regional goals – Tame the north. Expand human and dwarven mining interests and secure better trade routes to the south. Bring the northern goliath tribes of the north into the fold, and eliminate the ‘evil’ that dwells in the far northwest. Push out the wilden and eladrin bunkered in the wilds of the Evergreen Vale and exploit the lumber of that region.

Common races – Humans, dwarves, vyrloka, elves, goliaths, half elves.

Starting town – Snowport

Rumors and troubles

  • Goliath warbands have been wandering up and down the coastline, murdering anyone not human along the way.
  • Several ships have been lost on their to or from Green Harbor. Pirates are suspected.
  • An underground cult to the Slumbering God Thurin has formed, sponsoring mayhem and conflict in the region.
  • The Iron wolves are short on members and are looking for part time recruits.
  • The Gold League, ever ambitious, is sponsoring expeditions into the mountains to seek out new possibilities for mines
  • The druids of the Evergreen Vale have proven intractable enemies, completely dismantling every one of Olrik’s attempts to gain a foothold there. Now rumor has it the druids mean to go on the offensive, and Snowport would be hard pressed to defend itself from their nature magic.

Crown Keep
Snow Port

The Black

The Western seaboard

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